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Zoom Classes

Make sure you download the app on any device. 


Register for the appropriate class below. 


1. Wear your Uniform or T-Shirt and Belt, just as you do at the school.

2. Choose a quiet room where you can move easily without obstacles and hear the Instructions.

3. Setup your Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone so you can easily see the screen.

(If you have the abilty to mirror your device to your TV for better viewing this would be ideal)

4. Be sure your devices camera is pointed at you and step back a little so the Instructor 

can see you.

5. 10 minutes before your class time, click the link for your class below

6. Once you are in the Zoom "Waiting Room" warm up on your own before the class begins.

-  Do 15 Jumping Jacks

-  Stretch your legs

-  Stretch your arms

(Zoom only student links below)

Tiger Class Zoom Links:

4:10pm Tuesday

5:15pm Thursday

Basic Training Zoom Links:

3:30pm Tuesday

5:45pm Wednesday

Black Belt Training Zoom Kids Links:

5:40pm Tuesday


4:00pm Wednesday

4:30pm Thursday

Leadership Training Zoom Kids Links:

4:50pm Tuesday

4:50pm Wednesday


3:30pm Thursday

All Teens / Adults Training Zoom Only Links 

6:30pm Tuesdays

6:30pm Wednesday

6:00pm Thursday

New Zoom Links

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