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Discipline Challenge

Training Raffle - Weekly Task Sheet - Track your training, Pratice good habits and chores for the week. Send us a picture of your task sheet at the end of each week to turn in your points. Students will earn points for certain tasks, for every 25 points you earn you get 5 raffle tickets into our Training Raffles for prizes..Training Raffles will be held Live via Zoom on Monday April 6th at 7pm and Monday April 20th at 7pm...Good Luck!

Here is how to earn points daily..

- Attend online class ( 5 Points ) (Max 10 points)

- Watch and follow along a full recorded class ( 5 Points )

- Watch a Trainng Video and practice the material for 20 Minutes ( 2 Points )

- Post a Photo or Video of you practicing on Instagram or Facebook ( 2 Points )

- Stretch your legs for at least 10 Minutes ( 2 Points )

- Help with Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner or do dishes (1 Point each) (3 Points Max per day)

- Clean your room ( 1 Point )

- Learn to tie your belt on your own and send us your video (Max 1 point per week) 

Download the Pdf Task Sheet for the 

Discipline Challenge

Discipline Challenge Raffle Events 

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